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Hello, my name is Adam Miller, and I love Charleston, South Carolina. Not originally from Charleston, I was born in the Hudson Valley of New York state and lived there until the age of fourteen. My family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, after that where I lived for another fourteen years. After ten years in the restaurant industry in Charlotte, I was proud to be the manager of a four-diamond restaurant but not very happy.

A few friends and I came to Charleston for the weekend to visit and I absolutely fell in love with Charleston, especially with the hospitality scene. My dinner at FIG was unlike any dinner I ever experienced in Charlotte.  I moved here two weeks later and have worked at Halls, Bin 152, and now work at the Charleston Grill. I truly have a passion for hospitality and for attempting to make a persons day a little better

After over 8 years of being here I cannot think of anywhere I would rather live, except maybe Boulder, Colorado for part of the year to get my much-needed rock climbing in.

843 Shop is located in my home on James Island in Riverland Terrace. I don't have a storefront. This brand is the physical manifestation of my love for this city. I wanted to create a way for people to better the community and show their love of Charleston.

All the shirts are made in America. I design and screen print every shirt by hand in my home on James Island. I use mostly water-based inks in an attempt to be more eco-friendly. 10% of all the proceeds go to a local charity. Currently, the money is going to Feed the Need, a local charity that works with 180 Place, Crisis Ministries, East Cooper Meals on Wheels and other local charities to help feed those in the Charleston area that need it most.

A few brands have been my inspiration for creating 843 Shop and creating Charleston t-shirts. Tom's Shoes has always impressed me with their buy a pair, give a pair model.  704 Shop in Charlotte has shown me what a brand that loves their city can do to be a part of the local community. Big brands like The Hundreds and Supreme have blown my mind with their role in hype and branding. Then, I have to say that locally, J. Stark has been the biggest influence on me to create a product. They inspire me to continually grow to be a better brand that offers a better product that will become an enjoyable part of your day to day life.